Lunch Information

Lunch is provided in the form of voucher during the conference (Dec.16-18). You can use the voucher to pay for lunch at the Xin Ao Shopping Center (新奥购物中心), 100m east to the China National Convention Center.

Route to the restaurants: go across the street from the CNCC C zone, and go inside the exit E of subway station Olympic Green on Beijing metro line 8. The restaurants are very close to the lower side of the escalator inside the exit gate.

Applicable Restaurants:

  1. Qingtang Northwest Taste (秦唐味道)
  2. Yonghe King Chinese fast food (永和大王)
  3. Pickled Fish Soup (酸菜小鱼)
  4. Yunan Rice Noodle (云南过桥米线)
  5. Simple Joy Cantonese fast food(简粤)