Presentation Instructions

Oral Presentations

  • Oral Presentation Time

    Each paper will be allocated 23 minutes, of which about 18 minutes should be used for the presentation and the remaining 5 minutes for discussion and a timely handover to the next presenter. It is important to adhere to the time schedule allocated for each paper.

  • Equipment Provided

    The lecture rooms will be equipped with a notebook computer, a projector, and a microphone. The computer will be installed with the following software - Microsoft Windows OS, MS Office (Powerpoint), the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF reader). Presenters using the provided computer are expected to preload their presentation slides in the computer at the beginning of the respective session.
    Presenters may also use their own laptop for the presentation. For compatibility considerations, it is recommended to use the VGA orHDMI to connect the projector

  • Important Note

    All presenters are to report to the Session Chairs at the assigned room 10 minutes before the start of the session. On the day of your presentation, you may load and test your presentation slides on the computer at the lecture room before the session.

Poster Presentations

  • Presentation Time

    The presenter is to be stationed by his/her poster and periodically make presentations of about 5 minutes and answer questions from audiences around the poster throughout the 1 hour poster session. Presenters are encouraged to engage the audiences in technical discussion. All posters should be removed before 6:00PM.

  • Poster Board's Dimensions

    For each presenter, we will provide a poster board with 0.95 meter wide and 2.33 meters high. The poster size is recommended to be 0.9*1.6~0.9*2.0.