Map of Virtual Rooms in Gather.Town

Welcome to ACM Multimedia Asia Gather.Town!

Main Entry

When you enter the town, you are supposed to be sitting here.

Exhibition Hall

The tracks of short paper, demo, brave new ideas as well as three workshops will be hosted here. Presenters, please stand on the stage and Session Chairs please sit at the front-right as indicated in the figure below. Audience can freely choose a seat anywhere else. We will also be broadcasting all the events on Webinar in the Exhibition Hall simultaneously. Feel free to watch other talks in this room if you prefer.

Women in Multimedia Roundtable

This room is to host the special session – Women in Multimedia Roundtable. Panellists, please sit around the table and all other attendees can sit on other seats.

Poster Rooms

A number of rooms are set up for displaying posters. Authors, please stand in front your poster and communicate with visitors.

Lounge Room

Feel free to chat with each other in the lounge room.

Chat Room

If you would like to have a small group discussion with other attendees, feel free to use a chat room as the meeting room.

Last updated on 29 November, 2021 .