Visa Information

Updated date: Oct. 4, 2023

Foreign nationals may obtain tourist visas if they hold passports or travel documents valid for more than six months for purposes of sightseeing, business, family visits, study or training, medical treatment, or other legitimate activities.
Please go to here ( for the details of Visa-Exempt Entry, Landing Visa and eVisa.

Visitors who hold passports of China (PRC), Hong Kong, and Macau should refer to the following section to apply for a visa.

Type Information Where to apply Visa Note
General cases (1) General Visa appilcation gvisa_QA.pdf (
(2) eVisa evisa_QA.pdf (
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Online application form
線上簽證申請填表作業 (

For Visitors who hold China (PRC), Hong Kong or Macau passports

The immigration control policy for PRC passport holders on National Immigration Agency, R.O.C. was established prior to the Covid-19 pandemic ( ).
For the most up-to-date regulations, please refer to the links: (Chinese version ) or (English version).

In the meantime, we are preparing the submission for entry-permit applications on behalf of visitors with China passports. It is suggested to sign-up the following list and leave correct contact info no later than October 4, if you are a PRC passport holder. The designated agent will contact you for documents required for the process.

If you sign-up after 10/4, we will still contact you for documents required for the process. However, as the review process is conducted by the government agency, we cannot guarantee the exact review time.

Sign-up here: Under construction

Type Information Where to apply Visa Note
For Visitors who hold
Hong Kong or Macau passports
Online information
移民署中文網-香港澳門居民線上申請入出境許可證送件須知 (
Online application
內政部移民署【網路申辦服務】 (
For Visitors who hold PRC passports but have lived or studied in Hong Kong, Macau, or other countries (1) Online information
移民署中文網-大陸地區人民旅居國外或香港澳門線上申請來臺從事觀光活動須知 (

(2) Online information (especially for visitors who live/study in consular jurisdiction of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Melbourne and the Yokohama Branch)
旅居橫濱/墨爾本移民署中文網-大陸地區人民旅居國外或香港澳門線上預約申請來臺從事觀光活動須知 (
(1) Online application
移民署境外人士線上申辦系統雲端線上申辦 (

(2) For the Yokohama case
橫濱大陸人士赴台觀光所需文件及相關規定 - 駐墨爾本台北經濟文化辦事處 Taipei Economic and Cultural Office,Melbourne, Australia (

(3) For the Melbourne case
墨爾本大陸人士赴台觀光所需文件及相關規定 - 駐墨爾本台北經濟文化辦事處 Taipei Economic and Cultural Office,Melbourne, Australia (
For Visitors who hold
PRC passports
Online information
(1) 移民署中文網 (
(2) 移民署中文網-大陸地區人民來臺從事專業交流線上申請須知 (
Visa (entry permit) application for People’s
Republic of China (PRC) passport holder is
currently not fully open due to COVID-19 related
restrictions. However, the circumstance is evolving
rapidly. Regular checking on this webpage and
National Immigration Agency web are highly
recommended to get most updated information.

Please check the following site regularly.
大陸地區人民來臺觀光旅遊暫緩受理,政策相關資訊請見本署全球資訊網「移民署中文網-開放各類人士來臺一覽表 (

Please fill in the following form by October 15th for entry-permit applications:

以下相關表單請於10月15日之前,檢附所有文件,務必壓縮於同一個電子檔(檔名例:20230930張三)(檔案格式為 jpg,檔案大小請小於4MB)
1. 委託書 Letter of Attorney(請下載後親簽)
2. 身份證正反面
3. 照片2吋一張(白底--見規格說明範例)
4. 個人簡歷
5. 在職證明 / 在學證明 (A4需服務單位開立正本,並用機關章)
6. 公司法人營利事業登記書加蓋公司印章 (教職員及學生不須提供)
7. 國立成功大學申請入臺證 注意事項告知書 (請下載後親簽)