Presentation Instructions

ACM Multimedia Asia 2023 is a hybrid event, please see the following presentation rules.
Oral Paper Presentations
Please refer to the detailed Program to find your session and presentation slot:

    On-site Presentations: In all meeting rooms (1st to 3rd Lecture Rooms, B1), there will be a local computer hosting the Zoom session. This covers all Keynote, Best-paper, Oral, Grand-Challenge sessions and Tutorials. For Workshop sessions, instructions will be sent from your Workshop organizers. If you have any questions, please contact them directly.

    Each session will have a Session chair and session volunteers responsible for coordinating the session. Before the session starts, please let the session chair or session volunteers know that you are there.

    If you are an author that will deliver a presentation on-site, then you should:

    1. Bring your laptop, with your presentation and Zoom installed;
    2. Connect your laptop to the room projector. This requires an HDMI port. If your laptop does not have an HDMI port, try to bring an adapter;
    3. Join the corresponding Zoom session. The Zoom link is in the Program Page of the conference website, associated with the corresponding session;
    4. Share your presentation screen in Zoom;
    5. Turn on your camera and unmute yourself, so that participants can see and hear you.
    Virtual Presentations: For remote Presenters, please note that both the presentation and Q&A will be live.

    If you are an author that will deliver a virtual presentation, then you should:

    1. Join the Zoom session before the start of the session. The Zoom link is in the Program Page of the conference website, associated with the corresponding session;
    2. Talk with the session chair to check if everything is ok.
    3. Turn on your camera and microphone, and share your presentation screen in Zoom when it’s your turn.

Poster and Demo Paper Presentations
Poster and Demo papers will be presented on-site and virtually simultaneously. For each poster and demo paper, we ask presenters to upload a video as well as a slide of their presentation before the conference. The duration of your pre-recorded presentation video should not exceed 3 minutes. Please upload your slides and pre-recorded videos to your personal cloud storage (Google Drive or OneDrive) and ensure that download permissions are enabled. After that, please fill the form before November 28, 2023 (23:59 AOE). The uploaded presentation videos and slides will be placed in the Gather Town space, and all attendees can freely interact with the authors online.

For on-site poster/demo presenters, in addition to the pre-recodered presentation video and slides, please also prepare a physical poster that will be hung in the Multifunction room (1F). There, you will find the poster/demo board map, which you should check to identify the poster stand and demo area assigned to your paper ID. Please check the Conference Program to see when your poster/demo is scheduled. You should be next to your poster/demo in your corresponding session. We suggest that you hang your poster and set up your demo system before 12:00 pm on the day of your poster/demo.

Each physical demo will be provided with a poster board (approximately 100cm (width) x 250 cm (height)), a table (approximately 100 (width) x 90 (height) x 50 (depth) cm), wireless internet and an electrical outlet. You need to bring any other equipment by yourself. Please pack up your demo and your poster at the end of the demo session. If you have further questions, please contact [].